Make your multi-unit restaurants

Don’t let key business insights stay buried! Make better and impactful data-driven decisions that improve your bottom line.

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Manuel Portuondo

Managing Director
Deep Blue Advisory LLC and advisor to the Redberry Group.


“CFO2’s platform provides the Redberry Management team with transparency and insights to oversee 175 Burger King and Pizza Hut restaurants, helping the organization make critical business decisions. I would highly recommend CFO2 to any multi-unit restaurant operator looking for the best in class BI tool and great customer service.”

Fraser Hogarth

QSR Group Inc.

“We no longer spend our time putting the data together; we’re now spending our time analyzing the data, telling the story, and finding actionable opportunities to drive our business.”

Trusted by operators of

Grow sales

Identify upselling opportunities and product recommendations

Manage expenses

Schedule more efficiently to optimize labor and reduce food costs

Greater Visibility

Real-time transparency into sales, operations and loss prevention

Actions NOT

CFO2 sits on top of your restaurant systems (eg. POS), captures all your data and tells you what to do to generate more revenue and cut costs to maximize profit.

   24/7 data analysis

   Real-time understanding of sales & expenses

   Focus on the biggest $ opportunities within each store

Key Benefits

Insights NOT

We have developed restaurant specific software that surfaces the things you need to know across your organization to maximize profits. CFO2 goes beyond any Business intelligence provider that just visualizes your data.

How it works



We do the all the system integration work



Platform monitors the financial health of your restaurants



Provides prescriptive actions to make more money


Real-time Insights

CFO2 gives you a real-time understanding of your business and let’s you keep a tight grip on managing expenses while capitalizing on revenue opportunities.

Restaurant BI & Reporting

Automate the reporting process to get the right people the right information they need to make critical business decisions. Visualize your data to see trends and how your restaurants rank against each other by each KPI.

Fast Forward Invoicing

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline the invoice approval process. Capture line item invoice information and prepare it for accounting, without lifting a finger.


Don’t see your system? No problem. Our team can handle any integration.